Kumar Builders – Building The Future – Real Estate in Pune

Kumar Builders – Building The Future – Real Estate in Pune
Kumar Builders – Building The Future – Real Estate in Pune

Kumar Builders is Building the Future in Real Estate. The leadership of Lalit kumar Jain and his focus on being environment focused, being socially sensitive, being path‐breaking has led Kul to win many coveted awards in the varied sectors in the last 55 years. He started many initiatives much ahead of their time leading to plenty awards and accolades.

Kumar Builders – Vision – Mission – Values

Vision –

  • To build sustainable and quality real estate redefining city skyline and lifestyle standards to help build a healthy society by integrating technology to achieve speed and innovation.

Mission –

  • Kumar Builders provide service to customers with an objective of exceeding the expection thereby creating customer delight.
  • We shall innovate consistently to build a more sustainable legacy of real estate for the cities, healtheir environment and be superior in design engineering where by deriving value with every square food build.
  • Kumar Builders foster a culture and community belonging in all stake holders.
  • As our cocial responsibility, we will work towards education and overall growth of the deprived. Kumar Builders add to greening of cities where we operate through local indigenous, tree plantation and water harvesting.

Value –

  • We drive Kumar Builders as a unified corporate entity.
  • Encourage internal and external organization transparency.
  • Value integrity.
  • Pursue innovation.
  • Nurture talent.
  • Build trust and empower people.
  • Kumar Builders are committed to corporate social responsibility.
Kumar Builders


  • Present across segments with a blend of residential and commercial projects for sale and lease basis.
  • Portfolio comprises city centric projects along with integrated townships in key growth corridors for long term value creation.
  • From redevelopment to rehabilitation and Land banking for future to strategic vantures with like minded partners.
  • Focus on urban development opportunities for low cost access to prime land parcels by way of society redevelopment projects and slum rehabilitation projects in central Pune and Mumbai city.

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  • A process well defined to perfection. Keeping markets and products in mind, through a well chalked out process, land is ear marked and acquired. Extensive study is done to mark lucrative zones, but more emphasis is always on irreplaceable inherent qualities of the land itself.
  • Our townships are unique examples of satelite cities located so strategically that one is within the city proximity with unique natural features adding magnanimity and giving a feel of any hill station.
  • The land we own is not just in hug quantity but also boasts of matchless quality, in multiple aspects.
  • Participate in India Growth Story be identifing growth areas and creation of integrated township in the country.
  • Global outlook for opprtunities abroad without defocusing on india.
  • Look for opportunities abroad and tap it at appropriate time.

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