Lalit Kumar Jain – Famous Builders in Pune – Lalit Kumar Jain

Lalit Kumar Jain – Famous Builders in Pune – Lalit Kumar Jain

Lalit Kumar Jain showing a lamp to the sun.

The name of Kumar Builders of which Lalit Kumar Jain is the Chairman is a name synonymous with the Best Builders in Pune, its like brand name of Pune.

Lalit Kumar Jain – Kumar Builders

He has uncommon thinking power & skill to build the trust in the people. In this crowd of Real Estate.

Lalit Kumar Jain along with Kumar Builders has set up many Residential Complex, Rental Malls, Communities, IT parks, and Luxurious Buildings. He along with Kumar Builders gave rise to the concept of organized housing and also initiated high construction quality, progressive design, and pro-active customer service in their organization. In the development of the real estate market in the Pune city, Lalit Kumar Jain has played an insurmountable role.

Lalit Kumar Jain is known for his exceptional reasoning quality and skills. His dynamic personality and customer friendly attitude is the reason behind the phenomenal success of his organization. Lalit Kumar Jain show that he is able to imbibe trust amongst his customers and accomplish the task that is necessary for the well-being of his customers.

Lalit Kumar Jain Chairman of Kumar Builders KUL was earlier the President of CREDAI and his election as the national Chairman marks a new high in his nearly three decade long experience as a developer. With his company motto “We Build Trust” he practices what he preaches. Small wonder his business grew manifold and Kumar Builders quickly became synonymous with quality real estate of Pune.

Lalit Kumar Jain had made a 55 years Vision Plan for Pune. He was invited by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra to submit it to the ministry, but then as we all know it was a kind of publicity gimmick & the plan is still to see the light of day. When asked about ways of making Pune a better place to live in he said “Wake Up Pune”. Pune is right now the most polluted city. Create a common platform from which all -Bureaucrats, businessmen & the common man should strive hard to make it a better city. Create a task force to pursue it making & following a collective agenda. To start with -the acute traffic problems by taking decisions to build flyovers & have rapid transport system like monorails etc .Solutions like this help in preventing pollution & traffic problem. Pune’s caretakers should strive for the betterment of the city rather than hogging credit for it.

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