Pranay Kumar Jain – Young Blood Big Dreams – Pranay Jain

Pranay Kumar Jain – Young Blood Big Dreams – Pranay Jain
Pranay Kumar Jain – Young Blood Big Dreams

“Build something users love, and spend less than you make. How hard is that?” – Paul Graham

Surely the above thoughts augment a financial mind. Pranay Kumar Jain, director is the master mind behind the Mumbai operations and sometime has his way, on all the ways!

Having entered business at an early age he has huge responsibility on his shoulders but showed no resistance. He encompasses enormous global knowledge and expertise, predominantly where statistics is concerned.

Very grounded and modest when is comes to his personality but overshadowing when it comes to knowledge and leadership qualities.

Amazing Things – Pranay Kumar Jain

Pranay Kumar Jain started at the age 14 by creating a software for land data aggregation for his fathers Lalit Kumar Jain‘s Company.

Pranay Jain said, My next venture was to create a hook between excel and a Bloomberg terminal to look at risk and probability investment on calls and puts. After starting a consultancy in college i went on to create a website with my current co-founder for aggregating prices of used textbooks to reduce the cost of purchase of books by 30-45 % for students.

He siad, Few years ago we started on Enterprise Bot as our next venture and have been tweaking it to get the business model and customer segmentation and marketing right till about few months ago where we finally made a product that was scale – able and customization quikly for Banks.

Pranay Kumar Jain‘s Father Lalit Kumar Jain nicknamed as the “Green Man of Concrete World” for his eco-friendly nature. He has uncommon thinking power and skill to build the trust in the people. In this crowd of business, he has preserved his great hobby of painting.

Lalit Kumar Jain is like showing a lamp to the sun.

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