Gunwatta Vikas Yojana by Kumar Builders

"Gunwatta Vikas Yojana" formerly known as Adarsh Vidya Mandir was started by its founder Shri Lalitkumar Kesarimal Jain Chairman and Managing Director of "Kumar Urban Development Limited" in the memory of Late Shri Kesarimalji H. Oswal with the sole purpose of Education as a core, a social cause and a pure intention of promoting education in the rural areas of Maharashtra and uplifting the standard of students in the rural areas by conducting various activities.

The idea was inspired by Prof. Shri. P. D. Puranik the Headmaster of S.M.Joshi Vidyalaya, Pune along with a expertise team of well educated dignitaries from the field of education who have created benchmarks and have always exceeded their commitments in whatever they do.

The said team included Prof. Late Shri. P. G. Vaidya and Prof. Late Shri Jayant Tribhuvan who have contributed in a big way for the success of Gunwatta Vikas Yojana.

The current team includes Prof. Shri P. D. Patil and Prof. Dyaneshwar Bhanage who are working hand in hand with Shri. P. D. Puranik to ensure that the purpose of Gunwatta Vikas Yojana is met in all what they do. We are proud to say that "Gunwatta Vikas Yojana" has completed its successful journey of 10 years i.e. a decade since its establishment in the year 2000 and since that day there has been no looking back. It merely started with few schools in the rural areas and today has to its credit over more than 200 schools in the rural as well as in the city of Pune. Gunwatta Vikas Yojana has been successful in spreading its wing to cater to the needs of education for the students in the rural areas of Purandar, Maval, Mulshi, Bhor, Haveli and Pune City.


Since the year 2000 working hand in hand Gunwatta Vikas Yojana has been successful in achieving 100% result in more than 20% of the schools.

Now, more importantly what has actually transpired out the yojana is more interesting that the students' interest in studies has increased to a great extent and at the same time the grasping power of the students has drastically improved which is one of the great achievements of the Yojana which was one of the sole causes of Shri. Lalitkumar Jain to implement the Gunwatta Vikas Yojana.

One of the facts is that there are always students who are weak at studies in every school and this yojana has helped the said students to improve in a big way. The Yojana has been designed in such a way that a group is formed of 8 to 10 students which includes the students who are poor in studies and the bright students share their knowledge and wisdom and their way and pattern of studies with such students which have resulted in their overall development. It has also helped them in increasing their will and thinking power to a great extent thereby improving their academic results. Students who never spoke in front of few people today can speak in a big crowd of hundreds which has resulted in eliminating the stage fear of the students. This further resulted in reducing the workload of teachers where they can concentrate on other development of the students and school and further provide quality education to all the students.

Annual gatherings are organized by the Gunwatta Vikas Yojana and winners are distributed gifts like Dhol, Tasha, Harmonium, Lezim, Zanjha, Tabla and many more. Sports day is also organized by the Gunwatta Vikas yojana for all the schools periodically.

The teachers of all the schools are called together or group wise and the entire Gunwatta Vikas Yojana with its purpose is explained to all the teachers so as to make them aware of the intention and purpose of the Gunwatta Vikas Yojana in order to strive hard to achieve 100% result. This is done thrice in a year. The Gunwatta Vikas Yojana also helps in developing the personality of the students by guiding them in various aspects of life, may it be in school or at home such as cleanliness in the surrounding, respect for elders, overall behaviour in school or in public whenever they move around in a mob, manners and etiquettes, lessons on Unity.