The leadership of our Respected CMD Mr. Lalitkumar Jain and his focus on being environment focused, being socially sensitive, being path-breaking has led Kul to win many coveted awards in the varied sectors in the last 52 years. He started many initiatives much ahead of their time leading to plenty awards and accolades.


Awards happen. When you set benchmarks.

Awards are not a full stop. They are the acknowledgement and appreciation from society for the way you are leading society by example.

The leadership of and his focus on being environment focused, being socially sensitive, being path-breaking has led KUL to win many coveted awards in the varied sectors. He started many initiatives much ahead of their time leading to plenty awards and accolades.

Over the years we have set various benchmarks and milestones with help of experts, technician artist and visionaries. While awards are a humbling experience, we find them as a means of recognizing excellence and share them with the committed individuals who make it all possible.


1966 first Pedhi in the nichey dukan upar makan style predominant in that period Some of our partnerships go back to as long as 37 years.

Dignified accommodation for every strata of the society. With the vision of a Slumless India, our first rehabilitation project was Kubera Vihar, Hadapsar in the year 1981.

Partners in Growth - Our first banking partnership that was a leap of faith was with ICICI was in 1991.

Gated living - The first gated community of its time in 1994 at Hadapsar, a thoughtful product before its time.

Goodwill travels miles - In 1994 we were invited into the city of Mumbai, and started our first project in Andheri West called Sukumar Corner which grew to over 47 redevelopment projects.

A congestion-free city - 1000 shops shifted to one market making an unorganized market into a organised wholesale market, from Ravivar Peth to Dhankawdi in 1995.

Mindset research - In 1996 we conducted a one-of-a-kind survey of all our customers to understand they're evolving needs.

Brand Kumar - The first formal identity of Kumar Builders took shape in the year 1999

First concept housing - From elephant gates painting on ceilings, to traditional jharokhas, a home away from home.

Our first IT Park in the year 2002 - The Cerebrum. A congruence of intelligence and leadership. The name comes from a thinking part of the mind. We studied the client business to find out their 2 biggest costs are operations and people. Thus, a regal green building with largest floor plate in the city was designed.

Wow factor - Completed the construction of the first revolving restaurant of Pune in the at JM road in the year 2003.

Started the mall culture in Pune with Future Group in 2003 and ventured into organised retail malls.

Creating benchmarks - First in Asia to receive the ISO 14001-2004 in the year 2005.

First in Asia India to get ISO: IMS certification in the year 2002.

Growth has no boundaries and good work brought fans everywhere - We were invited into the cities of Hyderabad in 2006, Nagpur in 2008 and Bengaluru in 2010

Anthropology at the core - Invited more than 700 customers to design their own homes and their township with Kul Ecoloch in 2007.

Global mindsets embraced - We open our doors to FDI in 2007 by taking the first investment in our Project

The birth of Kul - In the year 2009, Kumar Builders was rebranded as Kul to cater to the evolving society

World Standards - At Nirvana Hills slumVihar we followed world norms set by World Bank for social funding in the year----. and economic rehabilitation of slums.

Awarded the Best Developer in Pune in the year 2009.

Top 10 in India - Listed as one of the top ten developers in the country by Construction world in the year 2009.

Design Patent - Received the patent for 2BHK slum apartment design where for decades that the rehabilitation scheme gave a room accommodation, though extensive RND under the guidance of Chairman himself, KUL designed 2BHK slum apartments.

Krishi National award in the private sector.

Golden era for Kul - From 2005 to 2010 we were hailed as market leaders for trend setting homes, milestone delivaries and maximum fructifying paratnerships. We delivered maximum flats before time in a market where people were struggling to deliver.