Best 3 bhk flats in Pune

best 3 bhk flats in Pune
best 3bhk flats in Pune

Best 3 bhk flats in Pune, this blog gives you insight how to select the flat and why kumar builders for your best 3 bhk flats in Pune. Pune is the eight-metropolis city of India and the second largest city of the state of Maharashtra. Real Estate Market in Pune is at high and many IT professionals and corporate workers are looking for a home in the luxurious city of Pune.

While looking our for home many people grapple with the idea of owning whether a 2BHK or 3bhk flats in Pune. However, good research and analytical power will enable you to decide on your dream flat as per your current lifestyle, requirement, and budget.

Why choose 3bhk Flats

Real Estate investment is a tough investment and many people make this investment limited times. Therefore, it is necessary to make optimum use of your investment. There are plenty of reasons for choosing the best 3bhk flats in Pune. Some of those reasons are:-

Abundant Space

When you are living with your family, having a large space is always better. 3bhk flats provide space that acts beneficially in case guests and family members visit frequently in your house. Also, if you have any plans of making a home office an extra bedroom would provide you the resource and will make you delighted and motivated.


Most of us have a wrong perception that the best 3BHk flats in Pune are expensive homes. However, in reality, there is not much difference between the price of 2BHK and 3BHK homes. A marginal gap of 20% or 30% exists between 2bhk and 3bhk homes and it makes a good sense to buy a best 3bhk flat in Pune

Future Prospects

We buy flats based on our current needs. However, this strategy is wrong as in the future our family will grow and then we will have to accommodate the needs of our parents as well as our kids. Before making the real estate investment, it is necessary that we look at the future prospect and then take a wise decision.

Best 3bhk flats in Pune

Kumar Builders one of the most prolific real estate companies in Pune offers quality best 3bhk flats in Pune located in the prime areas of the city. Each of the Kumar Builders projects provides high-quality constructions and superclass amenities that aim to increase the standard of living for its residents. Kumar Builders projects involve luxurious buildings that are located in close proximity to social and physical infrastructure. Some of their best projects are:-

Kul Utsav

Kul Utsav is one of the most iconic projects of Kumar Builders that is situated at Kondhwa Budruk in Pune. Kul Utsav is a residential project that is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and high-tech amenities. Schools, clinics, transport all are available at its close proximity. Its outstanding nature makes it one of the best residential projects in Pune.

Kumar Shantiniketan

Kumar Shantiniketan in Pashan, Pune offers the ready possession flats in Pune that are equipped with the ingenious combination of contemporary architecture and features. The project has some of the best 3bhk flats in Pune that are planned in an adaptable and environmentally sustainable way.

Kumar Sophronia

Kumar Sophronia is located in the prime location of Kalyaninagar. The area is a major IT hub and ready possession flats in the project are artistically made offering comfortable and secured family space to the residents.

Why choose Kumar Builders 3bhk flats

Kumar Builders is one of the best builders in Pune. The company has a legacy of working in the real estate industry for more than 5 decades and has delivered homes to more than 17000 families. There are several reasons why Kumar Builders 3bhk flats are the best available 3bhk flats in Pune.

Prime Areas

Each of the Kumar Builders projects is located in the prime areas of the city. Kumar Builders concentrates on constructing spacious flats that give comfort to the customers. Proximity to schools, hospitals, shopping malls is some of the added benefits of buying 3bhk flats in Pune from Kumar Builders.


In almost all of the Kumar Builders projects, 3BHK homes are available at an affordable price. This provides a real benefit to all those users who are in the mood to buy best 3bhk flats in Pune with a price range of 2bhk flats.


Kumar Builders takes care of all the documentation process and provides a hassle-free experience of flat purchase. This is one of the most iconic and superior services of Kumar Builders.

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