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As far as technological advances are concerned, KUL Kumar Builders are the pioneers in implementing state-of-the-art technology with the latest techniques.

At KUL Kumar Builders, we excel at anthropological engineering .Anthropology is a science that studies human beings, their past, present and the environment where they exist. Anthropology shows how human beings live in a certain place, organize and manage to make existence a meaningful experience altogether. Anthropology helps us understand the changing needs and analyze concerns of an fast changing lifestyle. With advanced engineering techniques Kumar builders help transform the customer’s needs into excellent designs and imaginations into splendid reality.

KUL Kumar Builders were the first to implement mass housing in Pune much before its time. It also was an good example which showed the best combination of quality and cost. Investors and real estate experts locally, nationally and internationally couldn't believe what they heard and saw. But KUL Kumar builders had made it a reality. Identifying the necessity of a quality and cost-effective living, Kumar builders implemented the highest quality techniques of engineering and management to address the need of the customers. Kumar builders have everything successfully managed in-house, we have created benchmarks in real estate which are looked up to, even today.

"As communities, we thrive."

Anthropology indicated that human beings flourish living in communities.Kumar Builders KULconcentrates on building community centred living where people can flourish together. In 90’s, when people had the strong urge to stay with their localities and communities, KUL to cater these needs started building smaller projects in multiple areas. As times passed by and lifestyle and financial might of people improved, our real estate projects evolved, but we successfully managed to retain the essence of community living.


At the peak of anthropological engineering, as the market evolved and the buying potential of the customers multiplied, people's aspirations to live in a specific kind of living tastes and lifestyles. After closely analysing many groups and communities, we tailor made many such creations for them, of which a few are listed.


Well ahead of time, much before the rules were made, Green buildings were already a reality at Kumar Builders KUL. We care about the environment not to follow the rules, but with our sincere effort to save the environment. Our Chairman led the company to create many such green buildings and was soon entitled as the Green Man of Pune. To further talk about our sincere efforts, we were planting '10 trees, a flat' even before the rules and regulations. In fact, the rule of ‘one tree, one flat’ was inspired by Kumar builders KUL.


As the role of business evolved from shops to shopping arcades to malls, KUL led the evolution from the front.



With tremendous development in the economy, lifestyles of people have changed accordingly. A better lifestyle, serene ambience and proximity to basic amenities like schools, hospitals and retail have become an important priority. A township is a perfect solution for this ever growing development of people. We've constantly focussed on this concept of community living and to give a luxurious lifestyle to our customers.